If you have a customer that needs paintless dent repair, we are committed to making YOU shine! Your customers will know they can always come to you for exceptional repairs. Simply call or text us at 704-303-0947 and we can give you an estimate over the phone in order for you to deliver a timely estimate to your customer.

You may think you’re ready for the next hailstorm. But are you “Dentsmart Ready”? Hailstorms don’t send announcements before they come to visit. It pays to be prepared. At Dentsmart, we are firm believers in partnering with you, our local bodyshops, NOT competing with you. Our goal is to facilitate your entire operation, empowering you to maximize your opportunities after every hail storm. See how Dentsmart can be your proactive solution, bringing order to the chaos that inevitably ensues following a hail storm.

The Dentsmart Difference

Eliminate Admin Work with Dentsmart Client User Website by Recon

Our goal is to make working with Dentsmart as easy as possible for your body shop. We have worked with Recon to create a Dentsmart Client User Website that allows your body shop to access all Dentsmart estimates, invoices and damage images in one place. As a Dentsmart body shop partner, you have your own login so you only see information that is relevant to your company. This means no more digging through emails to try to find old estimates or invoices and no more wasting time when the internet is slow waiting for estimates or invoices to show up in email. We want to make admin work with Dentsmart as easy as possible for your body shop. Check out the video below to learn all that Dentsmart’s Client User Website by Recon can offer.

Call or text Dentsmart serving all of North Carolina and South Carolina at 704-303-0947.